Rainbow Color Duo Yellow Amber

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Ayeeda Paint Rainbow Color - Dye-based Watercolor Powder.

Perfect for amazing watercolor effects on background and for traditional watercolor painting. Easy to use, in handy jar with a click-on lid.

Use it on paper, watercolor paper, canvas or any other surface primed before with acrylic primer - you can use 13 art gesso clear or gesso white.

Basic techniques:

1. Sprinkle with some powder and then spray with water.

2. Spray your surface with water and then sprinkle with powder.

3. Mix the powder with water on the color palette and then paint with a brush.

The more water you add the lighter color you achieve and the powder will dissolve more.

In this line you will find regular one-tone colors (Rainbow Colors) and two-tones colors called Rainbow Color Duo. Check the label to choose your color and type.

The jar contains 28gr of powder, the level of the powder can be different in different colors.

Non toxic. Made in Poland.